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Volspeed V4 for Bosch

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One of our best-selling tuning kits for e-bikes with Bosch motors.

Works with all Gen2 | Gem3 | Gen 4 | 2014-2021 motors.

Tuning module for all e-bikes / pedelecs with Bosch drive system from model year 2014.

Suitable for all Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX motors up to model year 2022. Only the Classic motors, model year 2013 or older and the new Smart System (BES3) in model year 2022 are not supported. Currently, the BES3 can be clearly identified by the battery "PowerTube 750".

Compatible with the displays Purion, Intuvia, Kiox, Nyon and the new Nyon 2021 (BUI350). For Smartphone Hub and COBI.Bike, please see the information below.

The device is installed invisibly from the outside on the motor. The installation is done in 15 minutes with a little technical skill. No cables have to be damaged or modified, the module is simply plugged in and is immediately ready for operation. The module is absolutely waterproof, because the complete electronics is potted.

No PC or smartphone is required. All settings are made conveniently via the control buttons on the bike.

It is possible to set the speed limit, the downshift behavior and also the strength of the support via the display. In contrast to the almost complete elimination of speed limitation in other tuning modules, this module still allows a very sporty riding style with moderate battery consumption by slightly increasing the limit, e.g. to 32km/h. The very abrupt interruption of the motor support at the speed limit is much smoother due to the dynamic mode. Through the alternative mode it is possible in each support mode (TURBO, EMTB/SPORT, TOUR, ECO) to define the strength of the motor support yourself. You can even adjust the support depending on the speed. The original settings of the motor, however, always remain available and you can very easily switch between your self-defined levels and the original settings during the ride.


  • New: Automatic initialisation, immediately ready for operation after installation.
  • Tuning can be switched on or off via buttons on the control unit.
  • After switching on, the speed limit can be freely set in the range 25 – 45km/h via the plus/minus keys. The last set value is saved.
  • Tuning is always switched off after switching on the bike.
  • Setting of a smoother “throttling behaviour” possible (dynamic mode). The otherwise very abrupt cut-off at the speed limit is thus significantly softened.


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