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Roadhog 20 in 250 W E-Folding Bike - Black

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This E-Bike is perfect for short commutes to and from work in a city, or just for enjoying at your leisure.

 This is suitable for anyone wishing to get back into cycling without putting too much strain on themselves, and perfect for anyone with a desire to get out and active
and experience the world from a new, comfortable and pleasurable perspective. 
The 250W Electric Bicycle 6 speed E-Bike from Powerhog is a very affordable E-Bike compared to many others with a similar specification.
For someone who doesn’t know much about e-bikes and the way it works, the jargon used by the manufacturers can be difficult to understand. 
Rather than just settling for a bike that has high rating or is from a reputed manufacturer, choose a bike that suits your needs.
High price doesn't always mean high quality, and E-Bikes really shouldn't cost you thousands of pounds!
We truly believe there aren't many E-Bikes that can match the quality for price as our bikes do.


  • Speed: This electric bike can reach up to a maximum speed of 25kph. 
    The average speed depends upon the weight the bike has to carry and the terrain it is being used on.
    There are 5 levels of pedal assist, ranging from no assistance to maximum assistance, so you can adjust to suit your own needs.

  • Battery: The battery boasts an impressive 7.8Ah life, and fully charges between 4-6 hours.
    This has a range of around 18-21 miles, depending on the amount of assitance used. 
    The battery is removable from the bike, so can easily be brought into the house for charging.
    The battery is also lockable into the frame, and includes two keys.

  • Comfort: This bike has a sprung saddle to make your ride more comfortable. 
    You can adjust the bike to suit your comfort too, with levels of assistance, saddle height and handlebar height all adjustable. 

  • Safety: Being safe on the road is always important, which is why this bike includes built in lights and reflectors to make sure you're seen by traffic and pedestrians. We always advise you wear a helmet and reflective clothing.  
  • Portability: Being only 24KG and folding down to easily fit in the boot of a car, this bike is the perfect companion to a holiday or a bike ride further than a ridable distance from home. Explore local attractions without the hassle of finding a parking spot.
  • Peace of mind: When you purchase an E-Bike from us, we'll always make sure that you're as satisfied as possible. 
    We offer great technical support and advise to anyone who may have a problem or simply needs advice.
    We keep spare parts for all of our bikes, and offer 12 months warranty so that should anything mechanical go wrong, we've got you covered. See our warranty information below for more.

  • Perfect for beginners: Most of our customers who purchase an E-Bike become first time E-Bike owners with no previous experience.
    We're always happy when we receive emails and messages from customers who have just taken their new bike out for a spin and find it a positive, empowering and exciting new experience.
    If you're anxious about getting back on the road, we'll happily offer advice. 

  • Perfect for commuters: Does the sound of an 8 mile cycle to work bring you a sense of sudden dread? We wouldn't blame you.
    Arriving to work with a flushed red face and out of breath isn't a great look, but you'll hardly break a sweat on an E-Bike 
    and you'll save yourself a fortune on fuel costs compared to the pennies it takes to recharge the battery on the bike.
  • Leaner and Greener: When you purchase an E-Bike from us, you're contributing to a greener, cleaner future.
    Leaving the car at home and choosing to cycle to work helps Britain to reduce carbon emissions.
    Not only is it a great benefit to the environment, but it's a great physical benefit to yourself!
    People often ask if they can still get a good amount of exercise from an E-Bike, and the answer is yes!

Box contains:

1 x 99054 Powerhog Folding  E-Bike
2 x Keys
1 x Removable Battery (attached to bike)
1 x Manual / Quickstart Guide
1 x Charger & UK Plug

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