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About Blaise

Our Story


Built on a passion for motorcycles and electric vehicles, we want to preserve the culture we grew up with in a sustainable future.


Blaise aims to combine the accessibility of personal electric mobility with individualised customisation. An area we see can help grow e-bike adoption, especially in cities. 


With the expansion of “e-moto” brands around the world we have provided a destination for riders and enthusiasts to buy, build, and customise their e-bikes with the best and quality products. 


Made by riders for riders


Our selection of custom parts have been hand picked specifically for the modern rider’s needs in mind. The brands we work with are fuelled by a community of like minded enthusiasts who found a need for the products they make that weren’t meeting the evolving consumers needs.


In our efforts to make a positive environmental impact we look for brands that are inline with our ethos and give back to the community in ways that matter, improving on sustainable materials and packaging and donating proceeds to charity.