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Super 73 - ZG Throttle Conversion Kit (EU)

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Finally a complete plug and play throttle kit for the Super 73 ZG!!

Adding a throttle to the Super 73 ZG is not as simple as just plugging it in like the rest of the models however. We've done our research and sadly the stock ZG controller (The brains of the bike) doesn't support this function. So in order to add a throttle to the ZG you need to upgrade the stock controller with a more advanced one. This sounds super techy and complicated but we've searched far and wide for all the the necessary components to make the swap as simple and painless as possible.


What's included and how does it work?

In The Box you will find: 

1 x Advanced Controller 

1 x Urban Throttle

1 x Pas Sensor (The pedal assist sensor)

1 x Wiring Loom

1 x Motor Extension Cable

2 x Brake levers (Left + Right)

10 x Mini Zip Ties

4 x 3M Sticky Tabs

1 x Instruction Manual


Will this work with the stock ZG battery?

You can use your standard battery with this upgrade, however using the throttle will reduce your charge significantly. We will update this soon with a 48W battery upgrade also.

Why does the kit include brake levers if I already have them?

The stock ZG brake levers have a different connection to the new loom so these have to be upgraded in order to use the brake signal connection. Note: The stock brakes will still work but the signal connection won't be attached to the motor.

Do I need to cut or solder any wires?

Nope! This upgrade is entirely "Plug & Play" - Just unplug the stock wiring loom and attach the new one. All attachments require no modifications.

Will this void my warranty?

Yes. Any changes to the bike internally will void the warranty. However, this upgrade is entirely reversible so you could return the bike to it's stock condition easily.


Item not in stock?

Contact me when it becomes available!