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'E017' Message On The Super 73 ZX - Explained

'E017' Message On The Super 73 ZX - Explained

If you've just received your new Super 73 ZX, you may be experiencing a faulty error message on your controller screen, reading - E017.


No need to worry however, this is due to a factory update on the new beta software for all models but seems to affect the EU version ZX model.


One of our customers, Luis was experiencing this and managed to figure out the problem and shared his findings. So thanks to Luis there is a solution, here's what he had to say.


Why The - 'E017'
When the bike is turned on, the display starts in mode 0, which means that there's no assist to the pedals. The display then understands that we need something else to engage the motor = (throttle), but the EU models do not have throttles installed due to regulations, so it shows you the 'E017'. As soon as a "Mode" is selected,  E017 will disappear. 


Ok, How Do I Clear The - 'E017'
When you turn ON the bike, it will show the Super73 logo and then display the 'speed' option - Note: if you are stopped with your bike, the E017 will show up
Right after it shows up the E017, Press the RIGHT controller button ONCE. This will allow you to access the different modes the display has (PAS, speed and range). After you access the different modes, you can use the LEFT BUTTON to select the desired mode. As soon as you put your bike in one mode, the 'E017' will not be showing up anymore. (Before you select a mode it will still show up).
We hope this helps anyone with the same issue and let us know what other methods you used to resolve it.
Have a great day! 
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